Joy in the Lord


In the news this morning for Trenton, “…police received a call regarding a female screaming for help around 11:11p.m… they found a woman who appears to have suffered from multiple stab wounds.”  They found her dead. The police have no leads, no description of the attacker. This happened just a few blocks from where we do

What is love?


Love … likely the most important pursuit for all people and of all time. I recently had an opportunity to teach at Calvary Chapel of Mercer County about something that we see so often in ministry – people’s misunderstanding about what is and what isn’t love.  Thankfully, GOD has given us His definition of Love



This morning we met William at the train station. William is homeless and deaf and unable to speak, likely because he’s been deaf since an early age. If I had to guess I would say that William is about 40 or so. He has intelligent clear brown eyes. William can make sounds, and you can